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Gel ink pen for the ultimate writing experience. With replaceable Gelion + refill and with high-performance gel for an extremely light and fluid writing feel. Ball diameter 0.7 mm, waterproof according to ISO 27668-2. The ultra-quick drying ink is waterproof and therefore equally suitable for lef..
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Ballpoint pen with cap and clip that fits nicely on both ends of the pen. The color of the lid/stopper matches the writing color: blue. Mean line width (M), approx. 0.5 mm The ink level is visible through the transparent barrel. The wear-resistant stainless steel nib guarantees that the large ..
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Ultra-smooth writing for distinct signatures and impressive handwritten text  1.0mm nib diameter • Waterproof to ISO 14145-2 ink standard Super-Flow system for consistent ink flow. Large ink tank with level indicator. The ink does not dry even if the cap is removed for 2-3 days. ..
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Four color pen with writing colors black, red, blue and green, barrel color dark blue or white. Take 4 offers the perfect 4-in-1 solution for planning, organizing and building. With the help of the colored buttons you can quickly and conveniently switch between the individual writing colors and k..
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Pen with Viscoglide® technology for ultra-smooth, gliding writing. Writing colors 7. Extra Broad line width (XB). The ink dries quickly - even on smooth paper - and is waterproof when you highlight later. Slim design with an attractively decorated transparent barrel and a clip-on cap that fit..
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Pen with a body made of 70% bio-based plastic. Viscoglide® technology for extremely smooth and slippery writing. The Slider Xite is equipped with a replaceable Metal Slider 710 XB part with a wear-resistant stainless steel tip. This guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and d..
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Pen with Viscoglide® technology for ultra-smooth, gliding writing, ultra-wide line width (XB). Writing color blue. Waterproof according to ISO 12757-2 ink standard. Replaceable giant Slider 755 XB refill with wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large amount of ink can be fu..
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Gel refill in ISO G2 format for the ultimate writing experience. The new generation of Gel Gel + with high-performance Gel for an extremely light writing feeling. The extremely fast drying of the ink prevents the writing from smudging and is therefore also suitable for left-handed users. With ..
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